4 Sep 2012

I has gones aways...

Dress- H&M
Cardigan- Topshop
Belt- Vintage
Necklace- Topshop

Please excuse the horrendous picture quality and the lack of blog posts. Picture was taken in basic darkness and I've been a bit gloomy lately and have literally been wearing leggings and jumpers when I'm not in my work clothes so not very interesting. 
I went to the city with Jay and his brother Joe to get a bag for uni (for Jay) and to go to bank to finally change all my addresses so I am now officially a citizen of England. Scary. 
I wore my H&M tshirt dress because I just wanted to be comfy and i also hadnt worn it since i got it about a month ago (woops). The cardigan is one I got yonks ago on uniform from work and of course my trusty VANS.
Not much to catch up on on my life to be honest, it just seems to be work...gym...home...work...gym...home or sometimes even work...home. 
Not got such an exciting life since I stopped being a student and seem to have less money too, how does that work? Anybody else found that since leaving education you seem to be more skint than when you were living the "poor student" life. 
Oh my this post sounds depressing and I'm sorry.
Gaaaaaah look at this puppy that I was cuddling outside the vet today, the lady had 6 of them, a litter cocker spaniels just about ready to be taken home by a new mamma and I so nearly stole one. I think I gave every single one of the pups a cuddle before Jay dragged me away. 
I named him Fred. He looks like a Fred if you ask me.

All in all not much has changed in Amber land but in the next few months I think they're may be some changes, the good kind, coming my way... I can feel it HA.
My mum and dad are down next week so I am sooo excited to see them. I hate being so far away but I love my new city so I suppose it's swings and round abouts really. I've got a whole week of work to go and stay with my parents so that will be bliss and save me a bit if money on bus fares and petrol. 
Also, my sister moved back from holland today so I might actually get to talk to her more or maybe... Maybe actually see her for the first time since April, although by the time I next get back up to Scotland it will probably be a while away. Le sigh. 
Any way folks my dinners a cookin' And I've got a good gymathon to get through tonight, actually that's a point... Does anyone know of any good, quite cheap gym gear that I could buy?

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