22 Jun 2012

And then there was none...

Trousers- American Apparel Disco Pant
Tshirt- ASOS
Blazer- Ralph Lauren
Watching- Revenge
So... massive apologies for the lack of posting recently and possibly for the next week or so... I have just been offered a great job down South so now my move has been moved up to, eh, next week and we are now running late before we even started, as you can imagine I am getting extremely stressed trying to pack my whole flat (especially my wardrobe). If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@AMBRISSA) you will have seen numerous pictures of the packing and moving. 
I now have to fit in my graduation, Jays graduation, Jays parents coming for a visit (for graduation) seeing my friends, packing the flat, seeing my mum and dad all in the space of about eh... 5 days "YELP"
Also ended up changing my graduation dress today whilst packing and ended up running round town like a headless chicken with mum trying to find one. I did luckily.
This is just a wee post to let you know I am still here I'm just going a bit MIA for a while but check back as I may manage to squeeze in a post or two in the next few days. 
Also had to send my disco pants back (hmph) as they went super baggy after one wear, not having that. The lady on the phone has now told me that they are having a TWO WEEK delay... TWO WEEKS!!!! So I wont get them back until mid July, boo. 
This is one of the outfits I wore while I was down at Jays parents, obviously my beloved disco pants and my even more beloved Ralph Lauren blazer. I'm not 100% how I will do outfit posts when I start my new job as I think I have to wear something quite smart but will obviously try to put some AMBER charm on it LOLZ.
I will do a wee post next week for my graduation which will feauture my AMAZZZANG graduation presents from my parents, I got a wee graduate owl from Link of London and a gorgeous charcoal Somerset Mulberry bag, could not believe the eyes!!! They also got Jay and I congratulations balloons and chocolates was so lovely coming home to it. Such a lucky lady :-)
Got my paws on a Clarisonic recently and tried it for the first time tonight... I AM IN LOVE!!! My skin feels like its been valeted, feels so soft which my skin NEVER does.
Has anyone else tried the Clarisonic?
What cleansers do you use?

18 Jun 2012

So Bright In My Eyes

Shirt- H&M
Dress- Zara
Belt- Vintage
Listening Too- Train- Drive By
This is a total trail off the INSPIRATION posts but I wore this the other day. 
It was my last shift at Pizza Hut on Sunday after working there for the last 3 years of being at university, I've really loved working there and am actually really sad to leave because I have made such good friends but it's time to leave Stirling and Say HELLO ENGLAND (sniff sniff)
I love love love this dress and as ridiculous it is I bought it months ago and I just took the labels off for tonight. (GAWD STRUTHE)
Luckily I have an open back shirt that I could wear under this to keep the open back ...ness? I love this shirt and its actually a size 14 because the first one I bought shrunk to a teeny tiny barbie doll size (exaggerating a tad) so I up sized a few times and I actually prefer it big and baggy. 
I am actually so annoyed at myself for not wearing this dress before but I think it is quite a good dressy/casual.
Just a quick post as I am so snowed under trying to organise stuff for moving, the flat is a mess and the moving date has been pushed forward to the end of this month eeeeek so apologies for a lack of blogging to come but I will try :).
How is anyone else feeling about NEON? 
Embracing or avoiding?

15 Jun 2012

Blazer Security

Dress- Urban Outfitters
Blazer- Topshop (old)
Belt- Vintage
My final blogger who inspires me is the lovely Victoria from VIPXO, she does these great posts about finds on eBay and some of the treasures that she finds are just amazing!!! Things that are just as nice as high street and designer but for a fraction of the price, I love her eBay posts, such a bargain hunter. She always looks so classy and that is what inspired this outfit, she wears blazers and dresses and midi skirts and all sorts but always seems to look so smart and put together. 
This dress is from Urban Outfitters about Christmas time, I have actually only worn it once but I really do like the cut on it. However the blazer has been out my wardrobe more than anything else I reckon, it is such a go to item and so soft and the amount of times that its been washed its kept it shape so well.
So that is the end of my INSPIRATION WEEK, I hope you have enjoyed it as much I have enjoyed writing about which bloggers inspire me, there are so many more that will appear throughout my time in the bloggersphere so keep your eyes peeled and watch this space.
Whilst doing my bloggers inspiration posts I got some amazing responses from the bloggers them selves and it really made my week, you feel like such a small fish in a big sea when your up against bloggers like the ones I have mentioned this week but they all started somewhere and its so refreshing to know that they appreciate interest in their blogs just like I do.
What do you think of the blog WEEK ideas? 
DIY, INSPIRE, RENEWAL? Are they something that you like or something that should be staggered a bit more?

13 Jun 2012

I Have My Shoulders Out

Top- Urban Outfitters (actually a skirt)
Boots- Topshop
Necklace- Topshop (sale) 
Listening Too- Stooshe- Black Heart
I was inspired by SHE WEARS FASHION today, I've been a fond reader of her blog for ages and love how she is super thrifty and really shows off her figure in a super classy way, I couldn't get it quite right because I don't actually own any corset tops or tube tops and to me that is her signature look (she absolutely rocks it). I had to improvise and use a body-con lace skirt (LOLZ), it actually worked OK but I ended up changing my top just before I left as it just didn't feel secure around my chest. I stayed in my Kavita style though and wore a chunky knit cardigan over a vest top.
Told you the disco pants would be out a lot this week, should maybe crack out the grey ones at some point, maybe next week.
Got a new Kindle sent out as there was a small ink break on the screen that was starting to spread and it got me a bit worried that it would make it difficult to read but AMAZON were super nice and the guy even bumped me up to premier postage so that I could have my Kindle for the train ride down South, I dont even need to send my old Kindle back for 30 days so it gives me plenty of time to get back and get it all packaged up, happy customer I must say.
Anybody else had Kindles that have gone a bit funny?
Any book recommendations?
Would love to hear your thoughts.

11 Jun 2012

My Dress Is A Skirt, But My Skirt Is A Dress?

Jumper- Ralph Lauren
Skirt- Zara
Necklace- Topshop (sale)
Listening too- Blink 182- I Miss You
I look super angry in all my pictures today!!
Coming to the end of my INSPIRATION WEEK.
This is actually an inspired look I decided because I loved the actual outfit from the said Inspiree (is that cheating?) and also I wanted to get more use out of my neon dress , that I wore the other night but the way the posts are going up it wont be seen until later in the week :-S confused? Yes me too.
This outfit was inspired by blogger LLYMLRS, she has such a trendy, chic look and I love the way she combines casual with dressy, this outfit that I am in a way copying was from quite a while ago and I couldn't actually find the post when I wanted to link it but it is there somewhere. I also have quite a few rings from her online store JWLRY. Think she has the biggest blog following I have seen on any UK bloggers? Her blog has absolutely exploded over the space of three years, if thats not a reason to inspire someone I don't know what is.

I got this jumper in the Gretna outlet on the way down to Jays at Christmas time and it was in the sale so it was a must have at £30!!! THIRTY!!! That's cheaper than a jumper from Topshop and its made of such great materials and so soft. I also got this necklace in the sale at Topshop for like £3, (BARGAIN HUNTER) really should start doing jewelry shots too but I take all my pictures from an iPhone app balancing on an old tripod, so it might not work so well?
Is that something you would want to see?
Jewelry close ups?

10 Jun 2012

Chains And What Not

Blouse- Asda
Necklace- Vintage
Watching- Big Bang Theory
Carrying on my INSPIRATION WEEK I wanted to continue with a blogger theme and went for the popular blogger, MILKTEEF. Emma is mainly a beauty blogger but does some great outfit posts so I took my inspiration from her amazing collection of shirts, I fell in love with a chains shirt I saw on her blog so I thought I would recreate something like that. I did want to tuck it in to do a more MILKTEEF look and actually show some waist, as she has a teeny tiny waist but I just wasn't feeling it and it didn't look right with the shirt/disco pant combo for some reason.
I got this chains blouse for an absolute bargain from George at ASDA its amazing what you can find in supermarket clothing departments, they are often bang on trend at great prices. 
Most of my inspiration outfits involve my disco pants so I apologize if you get sick of them ha. 
I also realized that I started my INSPIRATION WEEK too early and now I don't have enough posts for the whole week so I may miss a day to try and stagger it out. My days are so confused just now.
I am possibly down South when this launches as I have had to do the rest of the weeks posts on schedules but because I decided a while ago to do inspiration as an idea I had already thought of my "inspirers"...luckily, kind of the reason I decided to do it as a WEEK thing rather than stagger it.
Who inspires you?
I would love to know and maybe borrow them for my next INSPIRATION trial?

9 Jun 2012

If My Name Was On A Tshirt

T shirt- H&M
Skirt- H&M
Belt- Topshop
Watching- Super Nanny (again)
Continuing my INSPIRATION week (decided to do it as a week thingy and then maybe do them every once in a while) I decided to do a post inspired by fellow blogger Alice from SHADENFREUDE, I was looking through all her outfit posts the other night and noticed how well she pulls of full skirts and slogan T's so I thought I would try a bit of both... was going to wear my Ramones T but I have already worn it with this skirt so didn't think it would quite fit for this post. I also don't even know what my T shirt says but it has little balls of wool on it and its just so cute, i think it says "difference". Alice's outfits are always so well put together and I loved rummaging my wardrobe to find an outfit inspired by her look. I wanted to wear a cute blouse and really steal her look but I thought I would try and take bits from her different posts and make something my own, although looking at it I wish I had gone for a blouse. (BOO)
My pictures just weren't working and I think its because my hair is up funny and made me look like I had a pin head, as you do. So these were the only two were my head looks a normalish size. 
Not even kidding but E4 is driving me mad just now, they repeat Gok Wan and Super Nanny twice before lunch time and then repeat How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory in the mornings and at night... what is going on?
What are your fave things to watch on tele just now? I need some new TV.
Amber x

8 Jun 2012

Disco Disco Disco... Pants

Shirt- Topshop
Trousers- American Apparel (Size S for anyone wandering what size to get) 
Belt- Vintage
Boots- Topshop Alibi (size up, they are small made)
Necklace- Topshop
*   OK so my new idea for the blog is to do a INSPIRATION POST every once in a while, maybe once a week or month, not quite decided yet.
*   This week I wanted to do inspiration from a blogger. I chose this blogger as she always has such great outfit ideas although mainly being a beauty blogger. GH0STPARTIES. The necklace I am wearing was seen on her blog and I fell in love with it and searched for it everywhere before finding it in my local Topshop. She even tweeted me back when I tweeted about how excited I was to finally have it (yes I AM THAT SAD).
*    I've been a bit funny about Disco Pants for years but I am SO SO SO glad I finally bit the bullet and got them however this is the first time I have actually worn them out the house. I am really funny about having the old crotch-el area out and I am also really funny about my hips they are a weird shape, they sort of stuck out and I am not a fan of that... but I wanted to do my inspiration post properly and Kate always looks great with clothes tucked into her Disco Pants so I thought I would give it a bash and just deal with my odd shape for one day. 
I don't think you are meant to wear a belt with Disco Pants? They don't have belt loops? but I am one of those folk who just likes belts. 
People have brought up the fact that I very rarely put my face in pictures so here ya's go... THAT THING ON MY SHOULDERS IS ME FACE!
I would really love some feedback on the blog or posts or whatever, I will always reply to any comments so please feel free to ask any questions :-)
Amber x

7 Jun 2012

BFF's Yall.

Jumper- Primark
Jeans- Topshop 
Listening too- Radio 1
My face is rank today so I hid it as usual.
Not a special outfit by any means today but thought I better add something to my DIY post, the jumper is a mans one that I fell in love with in Primark in Dundee and the jeans are some old standard Topshop Jamie Jeans. I am in such a hating life mood today and think it is because I have developed cabin fever in my flat and my old favorite jeans no longer fit also, I am just so bored!!! I'm slowly trying to pack up the flat but every time I go to do it I do something else. 
So DIY time... along with our button bracelets that we made Fiona and I also made wee friendship bracelets, WE ARE THAT COOL. They turned out so cute, we even added little sparkly hearts to them. 
We used 3 different glitter threads to make them, white, purple and blue, and just did the standard friendship bracelet pleat. I didn't think there was much point in doing a tutorial on this most people reading will no doubt have done friendship bracelets like this in their time but I thought it was a nice, cheap and fun idea to add the DIY CHALLENGE. I made mine the perfect size then messed up the knot so its stuck together with a safety pin which is actually better as I'm not a lot to wear jewelry for work. 
Just a short post today as there is something wrong with my laptop and I cant have it on for too long because it gets super hot and turns itself off...
Anybody have any ideas for some more challenges I could try?
Amber x

6 Jun 2012

DIY Button Fun

Dress- Monki
Bag- eBay
Necklace- Miss Selfridge
Bracelet- DIY (button)
Rings- JWLRY
Watching- How I Met Your Mother 
Apologies for the absolutely awful photo quality, do not know what went wrong, but something did.
So quick outfit chat then onto the DIY... 
*     This is one of favorite dresses just now, I have had it for ages but just not really worn it. I got it from Monki in the sale for about 17Euro so that's about £12 or something? Anyway I love it, what I love most is it has POCKETS!!!! I adore dresses with pockets, don't ask me why because I don't know but I love love love them. I also really like the pattern, from a distance it looks like polka dots but at a closer look some of the dots are replaced with balls of words. Its so cute. The bag was an eBay find and reminds me of the YSL clutches but a big version so for £15 you cant really go wrong. Obviously its pleather (pretend leather) and it also came from Korea but delivery took just over a week which is amazing for over seas postage and with the bank holiday. 
*      So continuing DIY week my friend Fiona and I decided it would be fun to revisit the fabric shop in town and find something to make... we fell in love with all the buttons there was and at prices as low as 10p per button BUT we were pleasantly surprised to find a "bargain button box" loads of buttons for just 5p each, 5 PENCE!!! We bought lots...

We also bought a meter of super strong elastic for 59p and decided to make some button bracelets, we also bought some glittery string to make friendship bracelets but I will put up a post with them tomorrow.  
So for as little as £3 we have enough elastic and buttons to make our button friendship bracelets and they turned out so cute, someone in Marks and Spencer even asked me where I got it, DIY SCORE!!!

I am having so much fun with this DIY week, any ideas would be really appreciated? Maybe some links to some YouTube tutorials?
Comment below and give me some ideas...please.

5 Jun 2012

Hippie Hotel

OK here we go, DIY day 2. As you can see I tried the classic, every hippies dream, tie dye. I enlisted the help of my friend Joanna and Harry of course to give it a bash. We tried to get the dye yesterday but because of the bank holiday the haberdashery stores in my area were shut. Today we went to Pempertons and found some dye, we went for DYLON Antique Grey sachet and bag of the DYLON salt (it can be any salt but it was 60p and saved a trip to another shop) We went for grey black can be a bit harsh with dye so this was a great compromise the colour actually came out amazing, although we very nearly bought a gorgeous Forest Green...next time. We also got Tshirts from Primark, £2.50 (mans size L)
So lets begin... 
You will need
DYLON dye (any colour)
Salt 250g
Measuring Jug 
Some kind of stirring stick
Big Bowl
Rubber Bands
SO moving on... get your TShirt/Leggings or whatever your dying and depending on what kind of tie dye you are going for depends on how you set out the rubber bands, make sure these bands are super tight to stop the dye running. There is a technique thats used on YouTube where you make a spiral but I wanted mine more random than that so decided to put the rubber bands anywhere and everywhere. Like below... (thats actually leggings and a Tshirt which is why it looks so big) 
 Next you need to wet the clothes you are tie dying so that the dye will stick. Even leave them to soak while you mix your dye (I wont tell you how to do that as its best to stick to the packet guidelines) once your clothes are nicely damp  or in my case slightly soaked, give them a good old dunk in your bucket/basin of dye. We left ours bobbing around for a good half an hour giving it a stir every few to keep it moving, in the mean time we did some other dying fun but that will appear later in the week ;-) OOO THE SUSPENSE!!
 Harry was an awesome helper, he watched the clothes while we got on with some other fun DIY
 Once the clothes (TShirt) have been soaking in the dye for your time stated (usually 30-45 mins) take them out and give them a really good rinse to get the majority of loose dye out, keep rinsing (kneading dough) until the water runs clear the carefully cut or unwrap the rubber bands. Chuck it in the wash for a quick, cold and delicate wash...

ET VIOLA look at the masterpiece you have made for less than £5, OH YEZ THATZ OW WE DOEZ ITZ.

4 Jun 2012

DIY- Did It...Yellow?

Top- Primark
Cuff- Miss Selfridges
Necklace-Topshop (sale) 
Watching- Richie Rich
This is the beginning of my super fun challenge of the week... DIY. I saw a few people with Tshirts like this and they all credited Zara but I have never seen Zara do anything like this, so for my first DIY CHALLENGE I thought I would give it a bash myself. Actually so chuffed at how it turned out, obviously it is a first attempt bit I am happy enough with it that I will actually venture out the house wearing it.
Since taking the picture I added another tooth to the top layer as I thought it looked a bit like a mustache, not exactly what I was going for.
There are loads of YouTube tutorial videos for this and they all give a different look, I was going to link a few but they are all really good. I watched a few and made it my own way really using bits from each one. Biggest tip I will give you though... turn the Tshirt inside out to draw your template and cut as I dont know how well these Tshirts wash and the wee skinny bits roll inwards so its better to do it that way to save it looking overly scraggly.
I just got a mans £2.50 tshirt from Primark in a large and it worked perfectly as I wanted it super baggy to wear with leggings also you don't want the cut material to pull over a tight t shirt, don't think it would have the same effect, looks a lot better a bit looser. 
Had Fiona here last night and we stuffed our faces with garlic bread and then did usual sleepover stuff, gossiped, painted nails and wore face masks... stayed up to late then growled at our alarm clocks this morning.
Today I have 2 of my friends coming over for DIY DAY number 2.

3 Jun 2012

THE Jumper

 Jumper- Topshop
Leggings- American Apparel (ASOS)
Listening too- Ben Howard- Only Love
*    My WARDROBE RENEWAL challenge was really fun and I have seen lots of things hidden in my wardrobe for the next one, this week I have decided to do a DIY CHALLENGE so we will see how that goes. I've got lots of ideas for it and think I will try my first one out today maybe. 
*    This jumper is an absolute BABE of a jumper. I fell in love with it after seeing it on LLYMLRS blog, I searched EVERYWHERE on the internet trying to find a seller, I called every store I could think of, full story on my Aye Aye Cap'n post, long story short I finally got it and I love it. I wore it with my ever trusty American Apparel leggings because I needed to run into town and do house work so went for comfort. The studs on the jumper give it such a good weight on the shoulders that it pulls it down rather than having that square shoulder look that most studded shoulders end up with. 
*    I went everywhere in town and the big supermarkets today trying to find clothes dye for part of the DIY CHALLENGE but all the wee fabric shops seem to be shut on a Sunday so I will try in the morning and hope they aren't shut for the Jubilee. 
If anyone has anymore DIY ideas I would love to hear them? I love doing things like this, I decorated my wellies for TITP one year and put studs and diamonds on them. So tacky but so cool. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated?

1 Jun 2012

Cruise Fashion Show

T Shirt- Topshop
Shorts- Zara
Necklace- Topshop (sale)
So today I was working for a fashion show at Gleneagles Hotel for, Cruise, the store that sells all the amazing designers like YSL, Mulberry, Alexander McQueen. God the clothes and bags were amazing. I was just staring at things wishing they could be mine BUT life came back and slapped me in the face. Boo. 
Anyway... I wore these shorts for my WARDROBE RENEWAL as I haven't worn them in ages and thought they deserved an outing and this top is amazing I just needed to wear it. 
I drove into the hotel and felt so out of place in my wee Janice (my car) against all the Range Rovers, Porsche's and Rolls Royce's so I parked her between two massive black Range Rovers to look after her. Walking up to the door I felt so under dressed and maybe should of gone for my tweed chinos and a nice blouse but hey ho it could have been worse. Also decided not to wear any rings or to many bracelets there was noway I would risk snagging a £2000 dress or scratching a £3000 hand bag which knowing my luck would happen. 
We got served the most amazing buffet for lunch which was sandwiches and all these weird but interesting types of vedge and sea food dishes it was so fancy and well put together, they also served glass bottles YES GLASS BOTTLES of coca-cola and irn-bru... awesome or what? 
I have had such a good day but I just need to take my makeup off and have some tea because I am so tired for some reason.I think it was all the excitement. I really love these shows and I will miss them so much when I leave along with a lot of other things but I wont get into that just now because the time is creeping away and its not long until I go now. (slight sniff and sad face) but hey ho onwards and upwards. 

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