7 Jul 2012

Cut Me A Caper

Face- Lancome Tient Idole 24
Blush- MAC supernova
Eyes- MAC PAINTPOT groundwork
Watching- Eastenders
So as you have probably seen if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (@AMBRISSA) I have been loving MAC recently, even more so than usual.
A while back a collection called Heavenly Creatures was released and I fell head over heels for a lipstick called "Cut A Caper" I kept umming and ahhing over it on the website but I just kept putting it off for some reason, I think it was because I begrudge paying delivery prices and I wasn't getting a chance to go to any of the big cities to get it, THEN the worst happened and the collection finished. HEARTBREAK MUCH!!! Anyway rambling on a bit here, I saw on one of my favorite bloggers pages (gh0stparties) that it was apparently meant to be re-released for summer so I was over the moon when I went to MAC on my lunch break the other day and...there it was, staring at me!!! I swiped it up before anyone could go near it and it was mine...ALL MINE!! I also kept looking back at this blusher from the collection, it was called SUPERNOVA but I talked myself out of it as I always seem to do as I had just bought Dainty recently. 
As you can obviously see from the pictures I went back to MAC yesterday with Jay and dragged him round swatching things and ooohing and ahhhing at lots of things, I showed Jay the blusher I had been thinking about and even he said the colour was nice so he very kindly bought me it, awwwwr, I love that guy.
So with my MAC bag and a massive smile on my face I had the lipstick I had been lusting after for so long and a new blusher for collection. 
Right onto the important stuff...
I havnt done swatches as I am new to doing beauty posts and the lighting in our room isn't great in the afternoon but here is a swatch for Cut A Caper its about 3 down and Supernova its about 6 down I find Temptalia is the best for swatches for the MAC products she seems to have tried ERRRTHIN.
The blush has an amazing shimmer in it so could easily be used without a highlighter but I used it with one as I automatically put it on without thinking, I reminds me a bit of NARS Super Orgasm as the colour is so strong and the sheen is so fine and lovely, I think this could quite easily be one of my favorite blushers now, add it to the list. The only down fall is this blusher is that it is super easy to go over board with it, I had to redo my makeup the first time because I got a bit heavy handed with the brush but the 2nd time I got it just right and I love it! 
Cut A Caper is an amazing peachy coral colour but its not in your face bright coral like Reel Sexy, even though I love that too this one can be worn easier during the day, a quick swipe and your set. 
I have very dry lips and find it hard to get lipstick to stay for longer than about half an hour so I was impressed when this was still intact even after I got to work. 
Overall I am super happy with both my Heavenly Creature purchases and if your in two minds about getting anything from the collection, snap it up before it goes.
Anymore ideas/advice for what I could or shouldn't include in my beauty related posts would be amazing?


  1. I LOVE that lipstick Amber!
    I was in Mac last week but I left because the girls were less than NO help, I now wish I'd stayed and picked that up. What kind of finish is it?
    Also, I miss your lovely face!
    Kirstie xxx

    1. It's amazing huh???
      Well see I would usually say the same as every MAC counter I've been too are usually awful BUT the Norwich girls are amazing they are so nice.
      It's a lustre finish so I goes on so nice.
      Miss your face too :-( xxxx

  2. I'd sell my soul for Matt to buy me MAC makeup!!
    Btw, where are you atm?? Your FB says your down south my way?
    We could meet up and play if you are near London, I'm bored to fuck and all my friends are leading lives too exciting for me.



    1. I'm in love with it just now ha. Started my eyeshadow palette to hehe.
      I'm down near Norwich? Where are you?
      Not gunna lie I have no friends down here yet haha xxxx

    2. Aw I'll be your friend haha! Although your a bit further north than me. Isn't Norwich the insest place? I Looked at a uni there! I'm just outside of London, if it's not that far from you we should go there one day and have a crazy shopping day.
      What are you in Norwich for? Have you got a new job? xxx

  3. This blush really suits you :)


    1. Thank you :) its become one of my favourites hehe xxx


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