17 Jul 2012

Dippin and Dryin

Jumper- Topshop
Listening too- Bob Marley- Buffalo Soldier

So I am super sorry for lack of attention to my blog. I'm not adjusting very well to my new job and am just exhausted by the time I get home and want my bed.
The pictures aren't great as I have been doing it from my iPhone and iPad as I've not had a chance to find a white wall for my tripod or the funds for a new camera. Boo.
So another apology for dodgy pictures and being MIA.

So what's new in Amber land... I have finally unpacked so all my clothes are in one place (hallelujah) and I can get ready in the morning without trying to wade through all my bags of clothes to find one pair of tights haha.

I'm missing home but my mum and dad are coming for a visit on Sunday night, I am sooooo excited to see them for a few days BUT of course, I'm working..., I did ask for my days off to be Monday and Tuesday if possible so obviously they would be Sunday and Thursday :-/ oh well mum and dad are going to stay an extra day to see me on Thursday yay, and mum says wheel maybe buy me a new pair of VANS, super yay.

I've been recently using Alpha H Liquid Gold and oh my days it has made such a difference to my skin. Il put a review up soon when I've used it a bit more.
Rambling on a bit but I have so much to say, I think I will do an Instagram post soon and just ramble and ramble on that one but that way you can just loom at the pictures and ignore the rest if needs be.

Also watched Dirty Dancing for FIRST TIME last night. I was missing out, what an ace film!!!!

The iPad isnt working so well for blogging so il try and find Jays MAC and borrow that for a while as my wee DELL is on her last legs. Il try this post on the iPad and see how it goes but will need to get the laptop for the next I reckon.
Any tips on blogging from an iPad??

Amber x


  1. I'm loving my liquid gold too! Going to do a review soon. I am in love with this jumper, looks gorge on you.x

    1. Literally the best thing ever huh.
      Aw thanks, I've had it for ages and forgot about it :-/ woops xxx

  2. Absolutely love the jumper - such a fan of dip dye. I'd love to see your review of the Liquid Gold too...I've been so tempted to buy it! Katie xx


    1. Thankyou :)
      Honestly so worth the money. xxx

  3. What a lovely jumper. I've never seen Dirty Dancing :p should i give it a go? x

    1. It's so comfy too :)
      Definitely worth a watch. Its a good rainy day film I reckon xxx


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