1 Aug 2012

Here There And Everywhere

Micheal Kors, Ice Tea in a jug, looking short, mint brogues, Chancer, me on a boat, REN goodies, American Treats, My life in bags, Graduation, mums mac and cheese, me before graduation

I thought I should maybe do a wee post of Instagram shots to catch you up on my life since leaving Scotland and a few bits and bobs from the last month seen as I have been a bit AWOL. 
My mum and dad came for a visit the other week and it was soooo nice seeing them. My mum and I went out on a boat while dad and Chancer waited in the sun. As much as I LOVE to be around water I'm not a great swimmer so when I can't see the bottom I get a bit uneasy, hence why I am sitting on the bottom of the boat. 
Anyhoo, I feel my blog has gone a bit stale and people are maybe getting a bit bored of it? I would LOVE some ideas on what I could do to keep you all happy and interested in what your reading? Some feedback would be lovely. 
I've been reading loads of blogs when I get chance but feel I've neglected my own and as much as I love it I feel a bit disheartened about it just now because I can't put the time I want to into it with working and all that, when I'm not working I'm in leggings and a jumper sorting out stuff I haven't yet done. 
Hopefully over the next few weeks il get back into my blogging but as I said any input would be super appreciated. 
So that is my life, how exciting haha. 
Come back soon... Lots more to come :) 


  1. the hand watch is amazing

    follow my blog plz



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