15 Aug 2012

What A Lovely Bunch Of Pineapples

Shoes- Converse
Bag- Mulberry
Necklace- Topshop
Listening Too- Owl City- Good Time 
Just a quick post today as I don't know where today has gone and I still have so much to do before I go back to work tomorrow. Euch. 
This is what I wore on Sunday when Jay and I had a wee date day, I love date days it's time spent just the two of us and we always have so much fun. This time we decided to go to a petting zoo sort of place that's a barn conversion and has little craft shops and...CRAZY GOLF. We had a wander round the adorable little shops, there was all sorts like wood craft shops, homemade ale shops and my favourite was a shop with all sorts of jams, chutneys and lots homemade niceness. We ended up getting Jays dad a really lovely hamper for his birthday. We got to pick everything that went into it so we got lots of his favourite goodies for a good olde cheese and biscuit feast.
Anyway... We then went mini golfing which I absolutely love, if I see one I have to have a go. Sadly I lost BUT I did get a hole in one on my first shot...yes first shot...all went downhill from there unfortunately. We had so much fun though and the weather was just perfect for a day outside.
I was originally wearing a blue dress from whistles but decided it just didn't fit right so returned it that afternoon when we got back. I got this dress however from H&M ages ago and it still had its sale ticket on it (£5 bargain!!!) I absolutely love t and wish I had worn it more, well worn it at all since I got it. It is so comfy and fits me really well (as in big). I couldn't go mini golfing in the sunshine without my silver converse obviously. I just can't get enough of these and my VANS, if only I could wear them to work, le sigh.
So guys... Today I joined the gym. Yeah you read right I joined a gym. About time if you ask me. 
Any good cheap ideas I could use for date days? I love them but they can end up quite pricey. 


  1. Ooh I love the Mulberry!
    Playing mini golf with my boyfriend is so much fun!
    Especially if I win haha :)

  2. you look amazing! have fun at the gym haha:)


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