10 Jun 2012

Chains And What Not

Blouse- Asda
Necklace- Vintage
Watching- Big Bang Theory
Carrying on my INSPIRATION WEEK I wanted to continue with a blogger theme and went for the popular blogger, MILKTEEF. Emma is mainly a beauty blogger but does some great outfit posts so I took my inspiration from her amazing collection of shirts, I fell in love with a chains shirt I saw on her blog so I thought I would recreate something like that. I did want to tuck it in to do a more MILKTEEF look and actually show some waist, as she has a teeny tiny waist but I just wasn't feeling it and it didn't look right with the shirt/disco pant combo for some reason.
I got this chains blouse for an absolute bargain from George at ASDA its amazing what you can find in supermarket clothing departments, they are often bang on trend at great prices. 
Most of my inspiration outfits involve my disco pants so I apologize if you get sick of them ha. 
I also realized that I started my INSPIRATION WEEK too early and now I don't have enough posts for the whole week so I may miss a day to try and stagger it out. My days are so confused just now.
I am possibly down South when this launches as I have had to do the rest of the weeks posts on schedules but because I decided a while ago to do inspiration as an idea I had already thought of my "inspirers"...luckily, kind of the reason I decided to do it as a WEEK thing rather than stagger it.
Who inspires you?
I would love to know and maybe borrow them for my next INSPIRATION trial?


  1. Love the shirt, the chain print is really nice! xx

    1. Thankyou :-) Couldnt believe it was ASDA, that place is a gold mine haha xxx

  2. love this idea of doing outfits inspired by other bloggers - I love milkteef as well:)
    also you look great and love your blog - now following! x


    1. I thought it might be a bit of fun to show the bloggers that I love too :-)thanks.
      Shes amazing huh? Love her outfits.

  3. These inspiration posts are a really good idea! You look great, love that shirt what a bargain xxx

    1. Thankyou :) Ive got a few more this week hehe
      Honestly ASDA have amazing clothes sometimes, I have this blouse in black too, woops. xxx

  4. I love this blouse, its good what you can pick up from ASDA as I live in their clothes as they are good quality x


    1. Aw thank you :) asda really is great for finding we bargains :-p xxx


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