4 Jun 2012

DIY- Did It...Yellow?

Top- Primark
Cuff- Miss Selfridges
Necklace-Topshop (sale) 
Watching- Richie Rich
This is the beginning of my super fun challenge of the week... DIY. I saw a few people with Tshirts like this and they all credited Zara but I have never seen Zara do anything like this, so for my first DIY CHALLENGE I thought I would give it a bash myself. Actually so chuffed at how it turned out, obviously it is a first attempt bit I am happy enough with it that I will actually venture out the house wearing it.
Since taking the picture I added another tooth to the top layer as I thought it looked a bit like a mustache, not exactly what I was going for.
There are loads of YouTube tutorial videos for this and they all give a different look, I was going to link a few but they are all really good. I watched a few and made it my own way really using bits from each one. Biggest tip I will give you though... turn the Tshirt inside out to draw your template and cut as I dont know how well these Tshirts wash and the wee skinny bits roll inwards so its better to do it that way to save it looking overly scraggly.
I just got a mans £2.50 tshirt from Primark in a large and it worked perfectly as I wanted it super baggy to wear with leggings also you don't want the cut material to pull over a tight t shirt, don't think it would have the same effect, looks a lot better a bit looser. 
Had Fiona here last night and we stuffed our faces with garlic bread and then did usual sleepover stuff, gossiped, painted nails and wore face masks... stayed up to late then growled at our alarm clocks this morning.
Today I have 2 of my friends coming over for DIY DAY number 2.


  1. Wow it looks great! Might have to try this myself. X

    1. Thanks :-) its super easy!! You should give it a go. xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Hehe thank you :) hopefully i'll get some wear out of it. Xxx


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