3 Jun 2012

THE Jumper

 Jumper- Topshop
Leggings- American Apparel (ASOS)
Listening too- Ben Howard- Only Love
*    My WARDROBE RENEWAL challenge was really fun and I have seen lots of things hidden in my wardrobe for the next one, this week I have decided to do a DIY CHALLENGE so we will see how that goes. I've got lots of ideas for it and think I will try my first one out today maybe. 
*    This jumper is an absolute BABE of a jumper. I fell in love with it after seeing it on LLYMLRS blog, I searched EVERYWHERE on the internet trying to find a seller, I called every store I could think of, full story on my Aye Aye Cap'n post, long story short I finally got it and I love it. I wore it with my ever trusty American Apparel leggings because I needed to run into town and do house work so went for comfort. The studs on the jumper give it such a good weight on the shoulders that it pulls it down rather than having that square shoulder look that most studded shoulders end up with. 
*    I went everywhere in town and the big supermarkets today trying to find clothes dye for part of the DIY CHALLENGE but all the wee fabric shops seem to be shut on a Sunday so I will try in the morning and hope they aren't shut for the Jubilee. 
If anyone has anymore DIY ideas I would love to hear them? I love doing things like this, I decorated my wellies for TITP one year and put studs and diamonds on them. So tacky but so cool. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated?

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