7 Jun 2012

BFF's Yall.

Jumper- Primark
Jeans- Topshop 
Listening too- Radio 1
My face is rank today so I hid it as usual.
Not a special outfit by any means today but thought I better add something to my DIY post, the jumper is a mans one that I fell in love with in Primark in Dundee and the jeans are some old standard Topshop Jamie Jeans. I am in such a hating life mood today and think it is because I have developed cabin fever in my flat and my old favorite jeans no longer fit also, I am just so bored!!! I'm slowly trying to pack up the flat but every time I go to do it I do something else. 
So DIY time... along with our button bracelets that we made Fiona and I also made wee friendship bracelets, WE ARE THAT COOL. They turned out so cute, we even added little sparkly hearts to them. 
We used 3 different glitter threads to make them, white, purple and blue, and just did the standard friendship bracelet pleat. I didn't think there was much point in doing a tutorial on this most people reading will no doubt have done friendship bracelets like this in their time but I thought it was a nice, cheap and fun idea to add the DIY CHALLENGE. I made mine the perfect size then messed up the knot so its stuck together with a safety pin which is actually better as I'm not a lot to wear jewelry for work. 
Just a short post today as there is something wrong with my laptop and I cant have it on for too long because it gets super hot and turns itself off...
Anybody have any ideas for some more challenges I could try?
Amber x


  1. I love your outfits Amber, me and Jillian always used to say you should make a blog of your outfits haha!
    So glad you have so I can perve away now! x

  2. Haha that's well sweet :-)
    I'm following your blog too hehe. Xxxx


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