13 Jun 2012

I Have My Shoulders Out

Top- Urban Outfitters (actually a skirt)
Boots- Topshop
Necklace- Topshop (sale) 
Listening Too- Stooshe- Black Heart
I was inspired by SHE WEARS FASHION today, I've been a fond reader of her blog for ages and love how she is super thrifty and really shows off her figure in a super classy way, I couldn't get it quite right because I don't actually own any corset tops or tube tops and to me that is her signature look (she absolutely rocks it). I had to improvise and use a body-con lace skirt (LOLZ), it actually worked OK but I ended up changing my top just before I left as it just didn't feel secure around my chest. I stayed in my Kavita style though and wore a chunky knit cardigan over a vest top.
Told you the disco pants would be out a lot this week, should maybe crack out the grey ones at some point, maybe next week.
Got a new Kindle sent out as there was a small ink break on the screen that was starting to spread and it got me a bit worried that it would make it difficult to read but AMAZON were super nice and the guy even bumped me up to premier postage so that I could have my Kindle for the train ride down South, I dont even need to send my old Kindle back for 30 days so it gives me plenty of time to get back and get it all packaged up, happy customer I must say.
Anybody else had Kindles that have gone a bit funny?
Any book recommendations?
Would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. You look WAY too good in disco pants! Wish I had those legs!


    1. Haha thanks :) I'm actually dead self conscious in them because of my hips but a big baggy top didn't look right to reflect my inspiration :) xxx

  2. Only just stumbled across your blog, but it's lovely! Great posts, loving the creative outfits and skirts as tops haha I'd never think of that! :)

    Katie xx


    1. Aw that's so nice thank you :)
      Sorry for the late reply

  3. Lovely blog.

    1. Thank you that's so nice to hear :)
      Going to have a snoop on yours hehe xxx

  4. wow you have such a beautiful figure.. i am extremely jealous.
    gorgeous outfit. black is a favourite, always so beautifully styled x

    1. Wow thank you so much :)
      I very rarely have the arms out never mind the shoulders ha. Xxx
      Ps wander if your check back haha.


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