18 Jun 2012

So Bright In My Eyes

Shirt- H&M
Dress- Zara
Belt- Vintage
Listening Too- Train- Drive By
This is a total trail off the INSPIRATION posts but I wore this the other day. 
It was my last shift at Pizza Hut on Sunday after working there for the last 3 years of being at university, I've really loved working there and am actually really sad to leave because I have made such good friends but it's time to leave Stirling and Say HELLO ENGLAND (sniff sniff)
I love love love this dress and as ridiculous it is I bought it months ago and I just took the labels off for tonight. (GAWD STRUTHE)
Luckily I have an open back shirt that I could wear under this to keep the open back ...ness? I love this shirt and its actually a size 14 because the first one I bought shrunk to a teeny tiny barbie doll size (exaggerating a tad) so I up sized a few times and I actually prefer it big and baggy. 
I am actually so annoyed at myself for not wearing this dress before but I think it is quite a good dressy/casual.
Just a quick post as I am so snowed under trying to organise stuff for moving, the flat is a mess and the moving date has been pushed forward to the end of this month eeeeek so apologies for a lack of blogging to come but I will try :).
How is anyone else feeling about NEON? 
Embracing or avoiding?


  1. I love the keyhole back. Great colour!x

  2. Thank you :) really should wear it more. X

  3. bright and stong love this outfit!! happy to be your newest follower! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

    1. Aw thats so nice thankyou :) It super hard to get noticed in the sea of bloggers.xxx

  4. I am totally in love with this look! The neon dress is AMAZING! And what a great idea to layer it with the shirt <3 Beautiful!


    1. Wow thank you :)
      I love to wear a short under anything I can :-p xxx

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you :) I was so unsure about the neon at first ha xxx


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