22 Jun 2012

And then there was none...

Trousers- American Apparel Disco Pant
Tshirt- ASOS
Blazer- Ralph Lauren
Watching- Revenge
So... massive apologies for the lack of posting recently and possibly for the next week or so... I have just been offered a great job down South so now my move has been moved up to, eh, next week and we are now running late before we even started, as you can imagine I am getting extremely stressed trying to pack my whole flat (especially my wardrobe). If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter (@AMBRISSA) you will have seen numerous pictures of the packing and moving. 
I now have to fit in my graduation, Jays graduation, Jays parents coming for a visit (for graduation) seeing my friends, packing the flat, seeing my mum and dad all in the space of about eh... 5 days "YELP"
Also ended up changing my graduation dress today whilst packing and ended up running round town like a headless chicken with mum trying to find one. I did luckily.
This is just a wee post to let you know I am still here I'm just going a bit MIA for a while but check back as I may manage to squeeze in a post or two in the next few days. 
Also had to send my disco pants back (hmph) as they went super baggy after one wear, not having that. The lady on the phone has now told me that they are having a TWO WEEK delay... TWO WEEKS!!!! So I wont get them back until mid July, boo. 
This is one of the outfits I wore while I was down at Jays parents, obviously my beloved disco pants and my even more beloved Ralph Lauren blazer. I'm not 100% how I will do outfit posts when I start my new job as I think I have to wear something quite smart but will obviously try to put some AMBER charm on it LOLZ.
I will do a wee post next week for my graduation which will feauture my AMAZZZANG graduation presents from my parents, I got a wee graduate owl from Link of London and a gorgeous charcoal Somerset Mulberry bag, could not believe the eyes!!! They also got Jay and I congratulations balloons and chocolates was so lovely coming home to it. Such a lucky lady :-)
Got my paws on a Clarisonic recently and tried it for the first time tonight... I AM IN LOVE!!! My skin feels like its been valeted, feels so soft which my skin NEVER does.
Has anyone else tried the Clarisonic?
What cleansers do you use?


  1. Congrats on the new job:)
    You're not the only one who has had trouble with AA. I exchanged some disco pants and the customer service was rubbish.
    sound a bit like an old lady but oh well :P

    1. Thankyou :)
      I totally agree she was so blase about the fact they were running 2 weeks late ha. just like "yeah well you know thats how it is"! xxx

  2. Love the disco pants on you! x

    1. Aw thank you :) need them in every colour ha xxx

  3. I love the blazer! Can't say I've ever been much of a fan of AA, mainly due to their customer service.
    You sound so busy, you poor thing. Your Mulberry is beaut by the way, I told my parents that a girl from I blog I read got one as a graduation present as a little hint for the future haha.
    I've never tried a Clarisonic but I really want to! I'm having too much fun with my Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser at the moment though.
    Congrats on the job hun xoxo

    1. They have terrible customer service most of the time but the guy I just spoke to was actually the nicest yet ha.
      It's just all happened so fast that I don't really know what im doing haha.
      I couldn't believe it when I opened it, absolute babe of a bag. good hint, subtle but good so fingers crossed :-p
      I was really in two minds about t but I LOVE it. I had wee bumps (for years) alon my cheeks and jaw line and they've gone in a few uses. Amazing.
      Liz Earle will always be my holy grail too.


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