1 Jun 2012

Cruise Fashion Show

T Shirt- Topshop
Shorts- Zara
Necklace- Topshop (sale)
So today I was working for a fashion show at Gleneagles Hotel for, Cruise, the store that sells all the amazing designers like YSL, Mulberry, Alexander McQueen. God the clothes and bags were amazing. I was just staring at things wishing they could be mine BUT life came back and slapped me in the face. Boo. 
Anyway... I wore these shorts for my WARDROBE RENEWAL as I haven't worn them in ages and thought they deserved an outing and this top is amazing I just needed to wear it. 
I drove into the hotel and felt so out of place in my wee Janice (my car) against all the Range Rovers, Porsche's and Rolls Royce's so I parked her between two massive black Range Rovers to look after her. Walking up to the door I felt so under dressed and maybe should of gone for my tweed chinos and a nice blouse but hey ho it could have been worse. Also decided not to wear any rings or to many bracelets there was noway I would risk snagging a £2000 dress or scratching a £3000 hand bag which knowing my luck would happen. 
We got served the most amazing buffet for lunch which was sandwiches and all these weird but interesting types of vedge and sea food dishes it was so fancy and well put together, they also served glass bottles YES GLASS BOTTLES of coca-cola and irn-bru... awesome or what? 
I have had such a good day but I just need to take my makeup off and have some tea because I am so tired for some reason.I think it was all the excitement. I really love these shows and I will miss them so much when I leave along with a lot of other things but I wont get into that just now because the time is creeping away and its not long until I go now. (slight sniff and sad face) but hey ho onwards and upwards. 


  1. Fantastic show to help with!! Love your outfit as well :D xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Thankyou :-) I felt super under-dressed though haha xxx


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