31 May 2012

Indoor Picnic

Shirt- Topshop
Necklace- Topshop (sale)

OK so these pictures aren't the best but I just didn't want to put my face on here today (whats new) and as usual the hair is back up in a topknot where it belongs half a day was enough.
Continuing with my wardrobe challenge (3 days... doing well) I got this shirt yonks ago when I used to work for Topshop and it was always something I used to reach for as a backup but over the years its just been pushed further and further back into my wardrobe so today I dragged it out (un-ironed) and wore it with my American Apparel disco pant style leggings and a massive necklace that I found in the sale at Topshop and I am still in two minds about but I like it with this shirt. 
I had an indoor picnic with my friends Joanna and Jillian today and it was A-MA-ZING, we got fresh rolls (still hot YUM), different cheeses and salad and loads of juices, biscuits crisps oh and a massive chippy pizza. I also tried Reese's Pieces for the first time, died and went to heaven, almost as good as KitKat Peanut Butter, maybe better. 
I ordered a dress of eBay a while back and it arrived this morning, never felt so fat in my life the dress wouldn't even go over my bum and I don't exactly have a massive bum or I didn't think I did. Luckily the lovely seller has agreed to give me a refund I just have to find the time to get to a post office.
I am doing a fashion show the Glasgow based fashion store CRUISE tomorrow (woopty woop) at Gleneagles hotel so I am super excited (don't know what to wear), this means there may not be a an outfit post for a few days unless I manage to snap some shot before I leave tomorrow as I am working all day Saturday too. 
I've been wearing my hair wavy the last few days seen as it is actually long enough to get the wavers in, I am starting to much prefer it to straight so no doubt this will be my new addiction. 
I want to wear something union jacky for the weekend but don't actually think I own anything like that... hmmmm


  1. That necklace is ridiculously awesome :)

    1. Thaaanks. sale at Topshop £8 ;-) xxx


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