28 May 2012

£5 notes from a cash machine... WHAAAAAAAT, Chillin on a stone, amazing views, Alex attempting to catch a fish, Harry, BUUUURN, Alex with his manly bucket, Harry easing himself into the water, Loch Lubnaig.

Had such an amazing day today with Alex and Harry. We attempted fish and chips in Callander but it was just too hot to sit and eat chips so we just carried on to the lake. We crossed over to the other side where it was quiet so that Harry could run around off the lead (and swim-ish). Also.. these wee fish kept trying to bite my toes, it was like of those fish pedicures... put me off ever getting one it was horrible. GET OF ME TOES!!
Home now and Harry is sound asleep sprawled across my dressing gown and I am burnt. All in all a good day in the sun :-D

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