27 May 2012

Happy Campers

Motorhome, Ribbons I bought to use as bows, The best Fish and Chips, A drawing I found from years ago, the river in Melrose, Sunshine, Amazing scallops and black pudding YUM, Tesco with an underground multistory car park, Jay sound asleep on the first day at lunch time, KITKAT PEANUT BUTTER, Pies, OOTD, Peas, more peas, awesome picnic and the front of the motorhome.
As you all know, because I have talked about it way to much,  Jay and I went away to Melrose for a few days to celebrate being all done with uni YAYZ. We had such a lovely time and I don't think I have ever eaten so much in my life. We just kept going back to the shops for MORE food. 
Melrose is such a beautiful little town, there is cute wee shops and an amazing river so with the weather as amazing as it was we managed to spend the whole time outside. I now have a burnt knee, ouch.  We have had no internet connection the whole time but it was actually quite nice being cut off from the world of social networking ha although there were so many things I was dying to INSTAGRAM.
When we first arrived we had a TOTES AMAZBALLS BBQ with mum and dad before they left with steak and salad and sausages etc etc... the works. The first full day we were there we went up to Galashiels to get some food from M&S (more food) and then went for a wander round the wee town. We picked up a massive back of Italian Peas (fooooood) and worked our way through them before dinner sooo good. 
We ended up staying another night because my shift at work on Saturday got cancelled and it was way to nice to head back to Stirling so mum and dad said it was fine to thief their motorhome for another night. So worth it the next day we went down the river with a picnic, it was further away than we thought but wandered on. It was amazing. 
Today I headed back early because I forgot my work stuff and my shift got cancelled when I was about 20 mins from Stirling so I could have stayed with my mum and dad for one more night but hey ho, I went to work anyway ha then went home again because it was so hot and quiet. Instead I met Jo and we took Harry on a huge walk up the hills and we went paddling in the river (never even knew it existed) such a better idea than working. 
I know this post is probably boring you to tears but I have had such a good weekend I just had to share it and tomorrow Alex and I are going to Loch Lomond with Harry for another day in the sun. (expect another post like this) NAE WANDER I IS BURNT!!!!

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