21 May 2012


Today, Harry and I met Kirstie from coffeeandcakes for a walk round the big lake/loch at uni. It was so hot but I insisted on taking a hoodie round with me just in case I ended up in some shadows (I get cold super fast) but didn't even need it also please excuse the "fuggs" (fake uggs) they are my dog walking shoes not really intended to be worn with this dress, So... could summer really be here?

Harry got a bit hot so I shared my mango frappachino with him. I also gave him a kiss forgetting I had bright red lipstick on giving him a wee red nose. Soon rubbed off on the grass. He wanted to talk to every person we passed and jumped into numerous groups of girls lounging on the grass, I think he was the most popular guy on campus today... stud.
I actually think the lake at uni is one of my most favorite places to be, its so nice all year round and you kind of forget your even at uni.
Where is you most favorite place?

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