21 May 2012

Harold Runstaman

Dress- Topshop via eBay, Gillet- Topshop Sale, Necklace- Topshop, Rings- ASOS (similar) & eBay.
Today I have a special guest star :-) HARRY!!! or Harold Runstaman as Jay calls him. He is a little Jack-Chi. 
Because I have Harry here I'm going for the comfy look, need to take the wee monkey for a big walk round the lake at uni and wear him out a bit, he has so much energy it is unreal. This dress was "one that got away" when it was in Topshop ages ago and I was devastated when I kept NOT buying it so when I saw it on eBay I had to have it, and for a fraction of the price as well (link above). I also got this gillet as a wee bargain in the Topshop sale. They call me Hunter... Bargain Hunter HA so not funny. I am also wearing another YSL style ring, addiction much? the seller was so lovely and I was so chuffed when the ring arrived, its totally different from the other ones I got. I will try and put a closer/better picture up of it soon. Maybe tomorrow?
Meeting Kirstie at 2 to go walkies and maybe get a coffee (or an ice tea for me), also need to post two 2 metre iPhone chargers to Dundee for Fiona and Helen, I ordered them on my eBay but the address was obviously mine. Honestly the best things ever, iPhone chargers are so short and these massive cables are such a good idea, even ordered one for my dad for his iPad aswell :-) such a good idea.
Anyhoo, stuff to do people to see.
Have a nice day Y'all.


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