18 May 2012

Black and White Eyes

Blazer- Primark, Belt-Vintage, Shorts- River Island, Necklace- Topshop, Ring- eBay
Been back at mum and dads today so havnt really done much except eat and spend time with parents. 
Dundee was great and I ate enough Indian to last me a week. Also, I am such an enabler making Fiona spend money because I cant and trying to get Fiona and Helen onto the eBay addiction train.
THIS is the £2 bargain blazer from Primark, its a bit big but for £2 I dont care ha. These shorts are from River Island from ageeees ago but I dragged them out recently after seeing Marissa in a similar (nicer) pair and it reminded me about them , only downfall of the shorts is that the laser cut sticks to your tights! Frustrating!!
Oh also my black YSL-esque ring (eBay) arrived that I mentioned in a previous post, (here)..I LOVE IT! Only thing is I think I ordered a size to small as it only fits my ring finger boo but to be honest I dont care because it looks fine and it will go with EVERYTHING!!! 
Got lots of outfit posts ready to be put up so I'll maybe to some intense blogging on Sunday if I get a chance. 
Any hoo, short post today. Off to work to serve some pizzzza from Italia.



  1. of course I follow you !
    I like your all outfit's in this blog . I will check this out and coments at live
    loads of kiss x

    And I send you my fan page

  2. Love your jacket!! Following You! ;)


    1. Aw thankyou so much :-) I'm following you too :-) xxx

    2. Aw no its not worked for you too follow for some reason? It isnt showing up. X

  3. I love this blazer, especially with the necklace xxx

    1. Aw thankyou :-) Would love if you could maybe follow the blog? woul really appreciate it. xxx


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