14 May 2012

Week in pictures...

Week In Pictures
I've seen these on a few blogs and thought I would give it a go, turned out quite cool after all, although it is a bit boring because I haven't done much except work and play with the blog but hey worth a shot.

  • This is basically my first week and a bit extra of our blog being up... Our first ever post, Sam Edelman boots, first post, Chancer, Harry, Harry, ASOS, Monki, Monki outfit post, first outfit post, and again, and ice cream with Jay (cookies and cream). 
  • Marissa is swamped with exams and uni work just now (I'm the lucky one finishing in April, everyone else still seems to have work due, possibly the reason I have been so bored... no friends to play with) so I apologize for my intense blogging, we have lots of ideas for the next few weeks to fill our blog with things that interest us, so hopefully will interest you too :-) 
  • In the next couple of months I'm moving down South so there will be very few joint posts as I will be a good 500 miles away from Marissa *sob* and everyone else from up here *sob sob* but there will of course be our own separate posts and twice the amount of posts makes twice the amount of fun. Yes?

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