27 May 2012

Here Comes The Sun

Top- Zara, Skirt- Topshop (old), Necklace- eBay
Long time no see... well like 3 days. 
This is what I wore to go down to Melrose with Jay, I needed something uber light and comfy because it was super hot. This is another one of those Zara backless T shirts but I didn't take a picture of the back for some reason. This skirt is such an old Topshop number that I never ever wear, it is one of those skirts that is tight at the hem and baggy everywhere else so it sits funny from the side. Also please ignore the mess of my face it was so hot and I was so full of hay fever I didn't want to put to much makeup on. 
There will be a post later about the wee trip and lots of pictures too, I get very snap happy when I go anywhere that's not my flat or even sometimes in my flat. 
Oh yeah... this wee necklace was a great find on eBay (link under the picture) its like a knitted rosary necklace.. sounds odd but I absolutely love it, its a bit more fun than the standard Topman/NewLook rosary's.  
Must dash... work to do. I did actually get m shift cancelled but I am an idiot and left Melrose super early instead of waiting to see if I was still working so I could of spent the day in the sun once mum and dad arrived to pick the motor-home up. Doosh.

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