13 May 2012

Snowing In May

Shirt- Topshop, 
Skirt- H&M, Belt- Vintage, Boots- Topshop, Necktie- Haberdashery, Rings- JWLRY, ASOS
Apologies for the awful photo quality and dodgy edits this is the first ever outfit post I have done like this.
Moving on, its SNOWING outside... it is MAY!!! Today I met my Mum and she brought me up my Dads old camera tripod from the early 90'2, its actually in really good condition so that was a nice surprise. I decided to go for an outfit that was a bit darker as the weather isn't exactly floral dress and sandals kind of weather, so I dragged this wee denim shirt back out which was worn alot through winter and teamed it with my H&M jersey skirt, cant go wrong with a black skirt if you ask me. 
I'm going to the cinema tonight to see salmon fishing on the Yemen so thought the outfit could go from lunch with my Mum to the cinema at night.
Last night I put an absolute hoard of stuff on eBay, phoning my Mum back and forwards to get the right sizes and condition (I stupidly took it all back to mum and dads house to clear some space from my flat). Need to make some pennies for the big move down south. 


  1. I love your outfit in this picture :) good job ! xoxo

    If you have a time tou will check this out :)

    1. Aw thank you :-)
      Ofcourse, will do.
      Give us a wee follow of you can work it ha. No one else can. Xx


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