12 May 2012

Rings Rings Rings

As promised multiple times here is our first proper blog post :-)
Please excuse the over exposure in the picture of the rings, definitley need to ask Santa for a new camera.
Obviously Marissa and I cant be together at all times so we will quite often have separate posts but that just doubles the fun if you ask me.

Anyhoo, in the post this morning I got a wee package and couldn't for the life of me think what it could be because I had only ordered things about 2 days ago and post is never that fast here... I was "TOTES" chuffed to open up these amazing rings from JWLRY, a blog shop run by the known blogger LLYMLRS.
I'm usually a gold kind of jewelry wearer, the tackier the better if you ask me, quite often mix my metals as well. I loved these and kept going back to them then decided I had to have them, for all 5 it only cost me £10 and as I said the postage was super fast. The rings are really good quality and look pretty expensive, which is a rare to find with costume jewelry. Also love the adjustable band as it means my wee fingers and my fat fingers (yes, you read it right, i have abnormal hands) can be adorned with these amazing rings on every finger (yeah because that would look super cool). 
Definitely going to repurchase from JWLRY, kept going back to the site and pondering on whether or not to just buy them or not, SO glad I did :-)
I was in LUSH this morning and a lady even interrupted the lady serving me to ask where my rings were from (the ones I wore today are shown in the first picture). Proud moment I must say.
In some ways I love when people stop me to ask where something I'm wearing is from, it can be quite flattering, somebody is H&M also asked me where my necklace was from (good day today), its from Topshop and its only £3.50 in the sale... yes please! (I dont have a link as its sold out on the website) 
I was planning on doing an outfit post too but my camera failed me and its battery died (another reason to speak to Santa) and when I got home I had to do some serious cleaning as I have been really lazy since I handed in my dissertation, its my holiday time as far as I'm concerned but we do have people coming to view our flat tomorrow so, needs must. 
Possibly going to the cinema tonight to see salmon fishing on the Yemen I'm sure that is what its called? so I will try and get my camera going for that.

Over the next few weeks there will probably be a lot of font, signature and general changes of the blog as we settle ourselves into doing it regularly, and getting into the swing of the bloggers world.


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  1. Looking forward to your next post! I dont have this blogger thing so not sure how i can follow you?x


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