15 May 2012

Lost My Keys...

Tshirt- Zara, Belt- Vintage, Skirt- Topshop, Necklace-H&M, Rings- JWLRY ASOS, Nails- Models Own Beach Party & Hedonist
Having a bad face day.
Today is a bit of a sloppy day, I have so much housework to before my friends from my old work (Topshop) come round for pizza night, the flat is such a mess and Jay is at uni all day so I'll be doing it all myself unless Harry decides to help me. 
This top and skirt are both super comfy as their both that soft jersey material, perfect for a day in the house and nipping out to walk the dog/Sainsbury. I absolutely love this Zara T, I saw it and without even a bit of thought I just bought it. I got it in a M because as you will soon notice I wear most things big. The belt was a treasure find in the charity shop near my mum and dads house, the have an eBay site too with all sort of great finds. I once got a vintage Gucci handbag for an amazing price from them. 
Trying my luck on LOOKBOOK and CHICTOPIA to get the blog a bit more noticed, weev had 500 readers in the last 3 days YAY!! but not so many followers (4 Boo) but its early days yet :-)
Tomorrow I'm going to Dundee to see Fiona for a good old catch up and some cocktails, Fiona and I have been best friends for a good 18 years even with me leaving school for college then both of us going to university in different cities. I haven't got a clue what to wear. I'm not very good at planning these things in advance, usually when I plan an outfit I change it last minute.
I also decided last night that I am going postpone going down to England so soon and go to Holland to visit my sister for a few weeks with mum and dad in their motor home and Chancer of course, the head to England on the way back through with all my stuff squished into the boot of the motor home, plus my car, plus mums car. My sister Fearn moved to Holland to work on a show jumping yard for an Olympic rider, I am so used to talking to her on the phone everyday and seeing her at least every few weeks, I miss her like crazy so it will be so nice to go over and spend some proper time with her and my mum and dad, Chancer of course. 
I feel like trying a new pizza for pizza date night tonight, I work at pizzahut so I usually eat the same thing- Terri Special - Ham, Chilies and Goats Cheese YUM... but I fancy a change, any ideas? 


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