29 May 2012

Please Excuse The Thing On My Shoulders

Blouse- Vintage
Skirt- Topshop
Belt- Topshop (was attached to shorts)
Ring- eBay

  • Apologies for the awful picture quality I just couldn't seem to take any today, obviously just having one of those days. My plan was to do a WARDROBE RENEWAL post and pick 5 or so blouses/tops to bring back to the front of my wardrobe and then try it with dresses etc etc but my camera was apparently not wanting to play that game so I thought instead I will try and do it individually through the week, starting yesterday with that Topshop dress I wore to the loch. Weel see how it goes.. maybe even try not to buy anything until I leave... OOOO CHALLENGE ACCEPTED... maybe. 
  • Anyway today's outfit is this wee blouse I found in a charity shop its from Etam? Anyone remember that place? Dont think they even exist anymore. Looking at the pictures again I dont know if I actually like it with this skirt... maybe I should of worn skinny skinny jeans? Yes I should of. I'm sure it was Rebecca and I that were on our lunch and decided to have a browse and we both left with floral blouses from Etam. 
  • I woke up with a horrible headache today so instead of my normal post madness this will probably be the only one and I may just go back to bed.
  • Burn from yesterday browning nicely. 


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you :-) it really should come out more often. X

  2. Yessss I was there!! I've still got my etam one too. Love it xxxx

    1. I think your was nicer than mine eh? Like lighter flowers?
      I think you should start a blog. Xxxxx

    2. Mines is kinda more a light jacket blouse. Shorter I think. Mines is more like brown flowers. Haaaa na I can't be bothered starting one!xxxx


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