28 May 2012

Picnics and Paddling

Dress- Topshop
Necklace- Miss Selfridge
Nails- Models Own Hedonist
  • Today I am going to Callander then Loch Lubnaig with my friend Alex and Harry (no doubt a picture post to follow). Callander for fish and chips at the water then the loch for a paddle. Alex got a new car for a graduation present (Lucky Boy) so weer taking it for a spin and killing 3 birds with one stone. 
  • It is still so hot so I wore my ancient Topshop concession dress that I got about two summers ago and it seems to make at least one appearance a year, I've debated selling it over and over again but cant bring myself to do it. The necklace I'm wearing, don't know if you can actually see it, was an absolute steal from Miss Selfridge, I think it was £2 in the sale and its so cool. It does look a lot better with a black dress but I needed a long necklace for today and felt like this one would do. I'm also doing the unthinkable and not wearing any rings because I don't want them to go all tarnished in the water.  (While I was lifting Harry out the water I broke the necklace, TOTEZ BOO, possibly fixable though)
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