16 May 2012

Dundizzle ma Nizzle

Dress-Topshop, Belt- Vintage, Necklace- Topshop, Ring- Tomorrows post ;-)
Seriously need to master the looking at the camera thing.

I'm going to Dundee today to see my friends Fiona and Helen to go for a buffet (YUM) then get loads of junk food and watch films, one of which is Forest Gump (I have never seen this film) this is why I opted for the comfiest thing I could find in my wardrobe, this dress ridiculously still had its tags on and I have had it for about a year, I wore it into town to get lots of sweets for tonight teamed with a big fuzzy cardigan that Jay got me for my Christmas but I can only wear it for a wee while because its itchy but I LOVE it (will no doubt appear in a post at some point but I don't have a link). Tonight I think I will go for a big, baggy, cozy, comfy zipped hoody, classy.I also just realized that I have no bracelets on the pictures.. this is very unusual for me usually I have about 5/6 bracelets on, from charm bracelets to wee hand made ones, I like to mix and match my casual and smart as well as gold and silver jewelry, always have. 
I bought the new DKNY meringue perfume a few weeks ago and love it but decided to have a scoosh of the pink one (don't know what its called) wasn't such a fan, I think it was maybe a bit too sweet so I will stick with my yellow one :-)
I'm going to do a review of a few eBay sellers I've used over the next few days, hopefully have it scheduled to go up tomorrow but will probably go up Friday as I am running so late, standard, and I'm going back to my mum and dads for the night on Thursday, I think they have empty nest syndrome since my sister left for Holland so I'm going home to relieve them of this syndrome with one child, maybe. I love going back to my parents house for a couple of days its such a break from everything and I get to see my wee dog Chancer and the rabbits and just get to spend some real time with my parents, its not the same over the phone, I cant get cuddles or hot water bottles oh and soup, my mum makes the best soup EVER. FACT. There is always a new flavor waiting for me to the taste test on, last time it was spicy sweet potato soup, oh my days it was amazing, blew the roof of my mouth of but was so worth it. Then of course dad gives me loads of dad advice about my "next step" in my life (full time job ahhhh) but it is nice just to be around them and chill out in the house :-) nothing beats home comforts. 
Anyway enough of that... got an amazing bargain in Primark today... a gorgeous striped blazer for... wait for it... TWO GREAT BRITISH POUNDS!!! £2. I am wearing it tomorrow so didn't want to ruin the surprise by putting up a picture but it is smashing!
What is the best bargain you have ever found? I love this stuff, just give us a wee comment... 

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