23 May 2012

Burnt Toast

So today I got burnt... We went down the lake with a ton of fishing stuff to look for fish, walk Harry and get some sun. We had a wee bag packed for Harry with a Nandos dip pot for his water, bags and a treat we also packed ourselves a hefty packed lunch/snacks. I did an outfit post earlier but obviously thats not what I wore today it was from my wee stash. It was so hot down the lake that I have burnt all across my back and shoulders (boo) so I have now changed my outfits for Melrose and everything now covers my shoulders. Kirstie wrote some lovely stuff about me on her beauty blog today, shes got some great reviews, go have a wee browse, I also got an email from the eBay store (JEWEL BOX) that I reviewed saying such nice things about my blog (AWWW) Over all it has been such a nice day and I'm glad I actually got to spend some time in the sun.
I know this isn't an outfit post or anything like that but I also think I will include wee posts like this every once in a while :-) Opinions?
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