22 May 2012

Aye Aye Cap'n

T Shirt- M&S, Skirt- Topshop, Belt- Vintage, Necklace- Vintage, Dog- Harry
Today has been one those days that has just flown by, I really don't understand how it is  5 o'clock already! 

  • SO... after seeing a jumper on a blog I decided I had to have it, there was no if or buts about it, it needed to be mine... I was straight on the Topshop website scouring for it but it was nowhere to be seen, then said blogger tweeted me back (yay) saying it was sold out, gutted isn't the word (yes I am very passionate about clothes and I get obsessed over things) so I called customer service and called the Topshop I used to work in to try and call a favor just to try and track it down but nope, not there and CS told me to call back in the morning to get the buying team... very long story short (trying to keep my posts a bit shorter) I rang round every store I could think of including English ones that I maybe had a relative close to that could post me it (I wasn't kidding when I said I get obsessed) to find it after the buying team told me there was none left and that it wouldn't be coming back (a similar but not the same is coming back this week but... it just wouldn't do) so last resort I tried the big Topshop in Glasgow again after not getting through the first 2 times. The sales girl told me they had it... "TOTES" excited... but it wasn't THE ONE... "TOTES" gutted... then the sales girl beside her interrupted asking if "this" was the one, it was, in my size, literally just been returned in the time I was on the phone. Meant to be or what??? So I got in my car and I went to Glasgow. Sad? I don't care, I am in love. 
  • Anyway, My outfit today is pretty simple, this skirt is an absolute winner and I adore it, goes with everything and doesn't give me massive hips like everything else does and threw on a Marks and Spencer T because I was just planning on walking Harry with Kirstie and Natalia, cleaning and running to Glasgow. Comfort was the way forward today. As you can see Harry loves being in front of the camera. Kirstie then came over to borrow some bits of clothes for her night out tonight, she was exhausted trying to pull and squeeze things out of my wardrobe. Laundry day is a nightmare.
  • Bit of a blab today I think, feel like I'm just sort of thinking out loud, I have been doing it all day, also cant get my signature to work on here for some reason so I am stuck with just plain old "amber" today. Anybody fancy showing me how/making me a signature strip?


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    1. Aw thankyou so much :-) would love if you could follow the blog? x

  2. Cute outfit, I really like the bright bold stripes :)

    1. Thank you :-) would love if you would follow the blog? X

  3. So gorgeous, I love this outfit!


    1. Thank you :-) could you maybe take a minute and follow the blog? X


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